High on the low down (even though I have to jump), reprise

in these streetsthey still play end to endand three goals in the old mine siren soundsat midday, every day,as though the shift will come up one coaled nationality the sea filled shafts on overflowtomorrow’s cars on nature stripsturbine shadows calling time sand dunes bleat for patienceturned over bellies sun upfine ground as bone and promise … Continue reading High on the low down (even though I have to jump), reprise

First, 1975

The first drive east. Out past dauntless newsuburbs scattered like a teenager’s room.Asleep in the future. All that aspiration watchingfrom the cosy dissemble of the city’s embrace,but curled like a cat, the tail flicking impatiently.My first car. The HD station wagonearly morning, no other traffic –the world in hibernation except for us.Pages turned quietly in … Continue reading First, 1975

At Gypsy Point

where the jetty meandersbrokeningly wadingin a high jumper’s roll,a pelican fills up the dayholding a reserve for tomorrowa word it regurgitates to reflectout of preening reminiscencethe savour of relivingtastes of feeding again whilst weary anglers returnsinging of old regretthat good times are a harvest,pooling about in undefined circlesand knowing it can flywherever the fancyor carefree … Continue reading At Gypsy Point

Love, in a xanthous afternoon

Would our conversation have continuedif I asked about colour and strokeand offered, words are unused palettesmade tactile for the willingas she turned to restrain my OCDeach object, centred yet abstractin younger days congealing and tamedby that wild brush, of a hand pouring tea. Margaret Olley Yellow Room

Leonard Cohen and the delayed Block Print drops in

I received a letter today ‘To The Householder’ on the addressin an envelope from Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnessessix stamps, from overseas, inside it was a photocopyquoting Matthew 6: (9) (10) Jesus explaininga bright hope for the future plus some bonus Isaiahwith a QR Code to the latest magazine my initials.orga paperclip caught my nail … Continue reading Leonard Cohen and the delayed Block Print drops in