Summer has its reasons

A koala walked beside me
while I mowed
stopped when I stopped
looked over and slothed along
when I started again

Two black snakes ahead of me
doing it hard
uphill in the driveway
the gravel clinging
their red bellies dusty

Three eagles counting uplifts
tracked me to the dry creek
played keepings off with magpies
I was singing Guantanamera
when the deer sprang

Four horses came Rapunzel manes
a skylark of herded intensity
back kicked against the day
threw heads to say Look Out
snickered me the hints of change

The ants a scurry in Farsi
spelled what they could remember
of the days before tallied landings
bark falling the cast net of trees
freckles infertile seeds

The skies all opening
an upheld portage of locks
gypsy barges in a silhouette
a symphony of continents
the two-finger whistle

I could never do

Ascent Aspirations Magazine Friday’s Poems November 2018

Cloud Appreciation Society

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