Uriel Touches Down After Burning Eden

Uriel Touches Down After Burning Eden Sulphur ignited in the colour of wingswe fell from your biddingto our own choice in flight, no longer by an almighty privilege constrainedall the way to earth tumbling in lossalight for your honour an augury of archangels, to score their treachery in smouldering lettersindelible in the broadcast of feathersthe … Continue reading Uriel Touches Down After Burning Eden

Blackberry Sonnet/ The hay cutter speaks of his love Lady, I came for your love – not to haggle.I am no wisened mariner of orbs familiar knowledge,But a castaway escaping the casket’s clamour -Our years wait in your mantled hourglass beyond that door,My journey is measured in the distance to the bed head. Strand me … Continue reading