Two handed draw

I had thoughtlike a bird falling from a nest,undressed as a heartbeating within my palm,to have outlived usefulness instead with both arms liftingbecause I had no choice,that frantic beak signingin all the shredded shorthand,ever lost to this binary world placed the wingless thinginto the silky oak’s airy cradle,then sat cross legged and whistleda feathery version … Continue reading Two handed draw

The Silver Birches

break open the Autumnal shiftsend the debris of messages southwithin rain, lemon juice for a readingsneezing between the lineshow did I not know this?these parachute suppliesall a dangle for recompenseprayer flags, an honourable lapsemy cranky knees count stepsthrushes gang, turning litter outchickens chasing fingers weedinga sky whispers thickening fluxclouds acquaint, bottlebrushes nod violetrinsed throughout the … Continue reading The Silver Birches

Go gently, Love

Or not at alllet the sky wring out nighttake its weary fill elsewherechaperone some flighty heartto waking border sounds,those humid chimescarved out as they mustby this hinting solitude to riseonly speak intrusionlet’s keep our secret here,bide some moreof yesterday today tomorrowlaugh at me rewind the clocksback into our many livesthese hours, always Chagall Great Sun

Hellespont Queens Parade Clifton Hill

I swam the pavement straitsto be cradled in the sacristal layof your curling sleeplessness furtive strokes between pontoonsof concertinaed cars in early hoursglass beads that paced anxious steps of drizzled rainbows on cresting roads each night in beacon times guidedembraced by window frames strong enough then to lift myselfthrough return journeysuntil the verdigris signal failed stalled … Continue reading Hellespont Queens Parade Clifton Hill

In which He Bays a Season’s forestall, that She departed may Linger

My Love, while you still visit(these surrounds of disturbed conceit)how can this Autumn be confined?challenge the season’s movementstranded as our bed is unnervedit is your will to remain boundless,this worn heart a carapace in lyricsunk deep the roots of our Edenhauls brooding mornings forth,your laugh carillon in the rainthough most of us is now transit(I … Continue reading In which He Bays a Season’s forestall, that She departed may Linger

Dark Falls by Railway Lines/The Murderer’s Motif

How the souls cry out their battered endingsfrom this shallow dumping ground,here where the train gasps going by,the abandoned rooms licking their cracked sour paint. The sandy track glimpsed looking upfrom the page or lap top,the endearing favourite song fluttering in scrubby messmate,my decorative sentinels shedding skins. So carefully placed and tended now,a travelling case, … Continue reading Dark Falls by Railway Lines/The Murderer’s Motif