Cootamundra Wattle

You’re too daggy nowonce so ubiquitousalong with hydrangeasthe pairing almost a haiku every second child fell outof that shivering font of annunciationall Alice through hay feverthe broken skin your other variety Jason’s crew cleaned their bodieswith oil from a familiar orchardyour head tossed its fleeceover the weight of so many plantings You’re confined these daysto … Continue reading Cootamundra Wattle

Not so still life Winter un Blues

the jonquils are finishing and startinga July day clear as a schoolyard bellstellar heads brighter than chortlelook one way then the otherwaiting to cross the tepid morningof warm tendencies left out to dryhere the salty ice bites into tarragona bronzed memory of Autumn risingthe oxalis periscopes at diveweeded spheres in planetary alignlaid on gravel the … Continue reading Not so still life Winter un Blues

Stick insect lessons

just bark todaylook really closethis bread knife being notchy serrationsfissures persistingbent lines of sightings cry for the butterflyall dewy beautyone day’s flutter yesterday a creasehardwood ungrowingin veranda surroundings breathing a quietudenot always visiblebut here ever present Stick insect Genevieve Brayley Field Naturalists Victoria

Ragnarok in the Coles car park

I found Jesusin the kitchen, latehelping himselfto the sour dough loafsome roast beef, mustardI thought I’d take the chancemy lower back – a small miraclebut he only had advice, gentle exerciseback stretches. The Holy Ghost was hangingliterally, from the saucepan hooksI’d expected a big irradiating dovedropped to the bench top a mynahyellow beak Long John … Continue reading Ragnarok in the Coles car park

Sunsetted Clauses

She told memy hips could carve ham,a girl I loveddead early on a Sunday morning,a car in a suburban chance rollover the edge of Hailes Street. Langy knows we still blame him.His life of laying bricksthe string line’s quivera darting mouse,the memory of water in hayfleeting scent of flax. He’s mixed only cordialthese foundation decades,head … Continue reading Sunsetted Clauses