Heart Stone

The cemetery cat asleep on the warm headstone careless of the worthy mason’s curfew ignores the adjustment to place my fingernails caught in the fierce scree of memory I try to place the language of a pebble from when we slept huddled at Roaring Meg waking laughing snoring back at snowflakes carried by a pilgrim’s … Continue reading Heart Stone

The Hideout, reprise

When death called uninvited I remembered buried outlaw long necks of beer as tubers under the deign of hydrangeas splashing irises beside the straggling hibiscus a fallen rainbow entreating rain the returning blue chequer a flap in the tree house cornflowers adrift (Margaret Olley 'Afternoon with corn flowers').

Almost Shipwrecked on Byzantium

I There will always be better words waiting.  Hewn from the territory of loss, erupted from joy at love’s motive -  refusing entry – at calling down, straying from the paddock/ crunching as stubble, caught out, irresistible in the turning key’s summons wandering beyond polite conversation, holding down sheet music blowing past the snatch to … Continue reading Almost Shipwrecked on Byzantium