Lost Covenant and me

Lost Covenant and me or is it, ‘I’cannot recall and that’spart of the problemI had a piece of sky fallin my pocket you loaned methe Harris Tweed jacketoverlong sleevestook it out at the inaugurationthere was something abouthepatitis written in Russianyou get the drift?and the ducks on the Potomacoverfed so luxuriantlazing humming old tunestook me all … Continue reading Lost Covenant and me

End of the Affair

End of the Affair This ménage a trois has to ceaseone of us needs to get some sleepseduced by your musky squatnessso down to earth you treadon your own moonlit shadow honestly things have changedsince you cast such passiondigging up the latent bulbschomping down Spring’s iris and daffodilsabandoning all thought of me you reacted badly … Continue reading End of the Affair