Lost Covenant and me

Lost Covenant and me

or is it, ‘I’
cannot recall and that’s
part of the problem
I had a piece of sky fall
in my pocket you loaned me
the Harris Tweed jacket
overlong sleeves
took it out at the inauguration
there was something about
hepatitis written in Russian
you get the drift?
and the ducks on the Potomac
overfed so luxuriant
lazing humming old tunes
took me all the way back
to the yard bungalow
torn curtains in the window
fly wire door askew
excuse me gesundheit
I did remember your birthday Albert
it was just the wrong month
and the invitation for Stockholm?
lost in the mail again
you should know the address by now
it’s the same as my PIN
NED as a specimen
let you borrow too much that time
but relative to folded space?
now here numb on the kerb step
snow on my pants melting into me
the Adirondacks overturned
like the words held in my hands
the ceiling paint clinging
where I almost washed it all away
but the drake resisted it
chest forward head backwards
one eye opened ready to flee
I wish I had your confidence
in the electricity of numbers, friend

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