That’s all, folks

These mornings my dreamsseem to lack production values on the asphalt in the back lotthe noir misplaceduneven between the scenes the director’s chairblown against an earlier century waiting for that new kidchewing words at an angleconfident that the world understands the lines a lone sparrow driftingmaking feast of scattered crumbs then the ocean’s tracer lightsoundtracks … Continue reading That’s all, folks

Stop The War

About four hundred metresbefore Brew Roadout along the Princes Highwayon a rise to your leftif you’re not going too fastthe Peace rock is still there Remember how we hikedinto Lake Tali Karngthat black water blue all fablethe last year of schoolwe saw the unholy tuitiona seared hole in the half back’s thigh Someone on the … Continue reading Stop The War

Two handed draw

I had thoughtlike a bird falling from a nest,undressed as a heartbeating within my palm,to have outlived usefulness instead with both arms liftingbecause I had no choice,that frantic beak signingin all the shredded shorthand,ever lost to this binary world placed the wingless thinginto the silky oak’s airy cradle,then sat cross legged and whistleda feathery version … Continue reading Two handed draw