Going for a haircut

but the sky a distractionof borrowed thingslet down this foolish glossover a blistered pillfor the taking and you know there areother ways to reach the barbercobbled lanes of yearseavesdropped overhangsthe sluice through wisteria a pomegranate whistling fallthe pride of lemons in full showa half-chewed day’s groanas the school bell calls it can grow another daya … Continue reading Going for a haircut

Darebin Creek Crimes, Reprise

                                                                   Sometimes it was my turnto buy the shilling’s worthof broken biscuitsfrom the new Summerhill shops then the Ryans and mewould cut through the last paddockfor a watermelonand the buckshot over our heads broke up like comets entering the atmosphere we caught yabbies with the tinand our crumbs we reckonedfloated all the way to China … Continue reading Darebin Creek Crimes, Reprise