Go with Gough, com rade

11 July 1916 – 21 October 2014

He is dead then, Cicero receive
the last testament of action
for you and the believers to give warrant,
leave the horses to stand in dreaming sleep
no carriage is wanted.
All receive the burning remembrance
touch the jet stream –
behind doors for each in mourning
lingers some small joy
at the sight of that sheening arrow,
straight the unbroken truth.
In each hand lay a little dust now,
house to house in lament
carry this with you good citizen
wreathe the specks in family doings,
let children see what purpose floats
in the sunlight directing.
Place the remains in brick and mortar
so the shadow in the works of all
will always catch a glance
of one who once walked so tall.

First published in The Wonder Book of Poetry edited by Kit Kelen
The Leviathan’s Apprentice Strzelecki’s Lover Press 2015

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