There is no balm for the yearning of eucalypts,candlebarks stretch up this vaulted wantingdahlias splash an insane chant over a paddocka calf nods and backs into a startled wander,one day she might raspily lick the mystery of my supplicant salty palm. Kunzeas shake in the darting thoughts of ransacking honeyeaters;galaxies of shining filaments catch their … Continue reading Waiting

In the whimsy of cockatoos, merging flocks

They are late this morninga cacophony from the south easttwo relayed arcsboisterous in their shiningin axis out of a woad skyshouting of pillagewhere the pines topple into oceannow an altitude of scythesmaking delay a pastbeat cumulous shieldsconverge for instructionmaul out the linkflailing from a lemon sulphur pavlovato peel away in renewed certainty John Downton 'noisy … Continue reading In the whimsy of cockatoos, merging flocks

How to bake the best breakfast scones in easy steps

Remove overfed cat from kitchen benchwipe down (bench) and remove hairwipe out mixing bowl removing furscrub pastry board, unblock sinkplace wad of cat (from sink) in compost bucketfrom pantry remove flour etcand furball in entrance, yes that 3am noise was realfind (chewed) packet of yeastopen window and yell I hate fucking catsconsole neighbours who think … Continue reading How to bake the best breakfast scones in easy steps

Roman Baths

this morning stretchof extracted core samplea study of antipodescan’t assay in proof your first kiss to my bellythat falling butterfly tapestryor what my hand translatesin the sleuth of your back these separate roomsas breathing needs sleepnot to tell the childrenof this old ruin you and me where the hypocaustintact between the villasis stoked with more than … Continue reading Roman Baths


For if I die tonightI’ve seen the grace in descenta conclave of souls by mirthbeneath a gravity of feathersas the sudden embracing stillnessits impossible conclusion in symmetryleans back holding trapped air in posetouchdown to the surface mirroredgliding in most gentle repose