I’m the oldest therewith a special placeby the firenear the instructor don’t know how I arrivedsandwiched between warrior’s poseand that noise in my pelvisjust a click keeping timewith racing decadesin the big D leg roustabout reverse direction six more timesbefore falling asleepin the twenty minutemeditation Stay Awake the teacher breaks througheach set of bellsafterwards rememberingnot … Continue reading Guru

Getting the band back together

Lilting with query   the native thrush   a fourth note risingLeaves the verse hanging   sometimes a whip bird lashes in   its sudden confident crackWaits for the derailleur to engage   undaunted they interweave   then pause for my whistle backSide look in a perturb slight   they know they have the numbers   and mimicry needs the energyOf a committed … Continue reading Getting the band back together

Losing sight of the mission

from sequestered skiesour gifts of incendiary desirepresent themselves your splayed oncenessin obeisanceprayers to gardens growing back a scorched inheritanceblood and bone imperialismold photos in agent’s flame Sunday roastwe fly unidentifiedin case your cremated hands invite us in to singthe old anthems From Walking Through Fences ASM & Cerberus 2018 Black Painting Robert Rauschenbrg Foundation

Dogen Gate Inn

( leaning into wind, uncounting days  my waiting duties  Komachi and Shikibu, tea brews) I wear my pyjamas inside outin the best literary traditionbut awake without promised dreams you were a spring mad wild horsea true rain so blacklike a charcoal drawing on mist ten thousand candles I keep alightheartbeats within the windsee them flicker … Continue reading Dogen Gate Inn

Crazy, Crazy Love on the Senior’s Card/ Sideways Steam Train

Delay the departing traindown at the rail head,the heart has four chambersbut only one fully ticketed love.Then spin the cylinder with gentlenessplace the antique funnel of it with care,you want this geyser single life to blowa detonation and aftershock of lyrical candela.Run run over the soaked platformslide slip and screech to a rattling tin sky,turn … Continue reading Crazy, Crazy Love on the Senior’s Card/ Sideways Steam Train

Collected Works

One morning he discovered time. Hairs had started to grow through ‘The Sound and the Fury’ on his shoulder. He had reached that point where available space had expired. His business shirt was buttoned at the collar and the wrists. He always wore socks and trousers. Only he and the tattooists, Charlie and Veronica, knew … Continue reading Collected Works