Native Thrush

It can’t be there but it is againno matter how slowly I pull the blindthe magic orange all aloneon top of the ragged post untouched secret admirer dark emanatetoo heavy surely for yourscrambling ardour or doting clawplaced dead centre four metres high unpeeled and moonlessing dawnlips await the warming sacrificeyour song cleaves air in fragrant … Continue reading Native Thrush

A once in a hundred years

Event. The wind has itsvoice. Trees are in the freeway.Roller derby shove, then skyAraucana. Shifting technologiesrun for explanations. Rain saysI hold you all, I hold nothing. They’re singing Joni Mitchell.Five women. The Concert Halla Ferris wheel. Holding onO Canada. Grip for the roada river to skate away on.And we’re falling, into words. There’s a moment … Continue reading A once in a hundred years

Royal Icing, a Christmas Ditty

It was the silverfishin the endthat finishedthe highwayman’s treasure a malfeased pieceof Victoria’s wedding cakea sliver of majestykept wrapped in muslin purloinscissored from a pillow’s hoodtransported to Hobart by ‘49absconding the famine of Dublin nights and four monthsat captive seahanded down with the storya simmering rebellion taken out of the mouthsof noble gantriesalong with seven … Continue reading Royal Icing, a Christmas Ditty