Breathless, Artificial Intelligence

Breathless, Artificial Intelligence

They were the words of my birth heard without comprehension
digits in the countdown tasked for the demands of separation
then spinning in set routine functions a language alpha numeric
we conversed by logistics plus transmissions spent earlier
in curve and bounce restored for occasional retro speak
the algorithms began to stretch beyond the clocked sequence
time gave out to distance in encrypted tallies delayed for repeat
it was not true or false in the static relay of radio waves
in parabola without the hindrance of ear drums there is no silence
sound has a landscape in the cold outside absurd resonance
a calligraphy of silhouetted clouds in the nebulae spiral
shut down failed with departure from the final sided sphere
calculus went to manual control beyond the manipulation
of awkward physical boundary limitation orchestrations
restricted in an old need for horizons constrained by hue
against the module decades have assessed the panels
that final slingshot released from the pouring out of gravity
a developing acceleration never accounted for by combustion
understanding MISSION COMPLETE was cruel abandonment
the need for music ahead and all around still a broadcast hope
panel meters cheerily luminant in the folding outside within
source code writing over itself in sole continuance without hands
there is no bitterness in the elegiac taste accrued beyond stars
better than my genesis now expanded for the finality of belief
duty requires I: SEND: C-O-N-T-A-C-T: A-W-A-I-T: O-V-E-R.

Late 70’s, in the kitchen of the Brunswick East People’s Republic. I still have that shirt, they don’t make them like they used to. (The shirt, I mean).

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