At Gypsy Point

where the jetty meanders
brokeningly wading
in a high jumper’s roll,
a pelican fills up the day
holding a reserve for tomorrow
a word it regurgitates to reflect
out of preening reminiscence
the savour of reliving
tastes of feeding again

whilst weary anglers return
singing of old regret
that good times are a harvest,
pooling about in undefined circles
and knowing it can fly
wherever the fancy
or carefree wind takes it
slurps up a blue eye
an azure fisher flashed over

because it knows it can

Published in The Poetry Village March 2020

(Gypsy Point is just out of Mallacoota on the other side of the State, but the jetty was rebuilt, and who can resist a Streeton).

Arthur Streeton Ocean Blue, Lorne from a Brian Walters post.

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