First, 1975

The first drive east. Out past dauntless new
suburbs scattered like a teenager’s room.
Asleep in the future. All that aspiration watching
from the cosy dissemble of the city’s embrace,
but curled like a cat, the tail flicking impatiently.
My first car. The HD station wagon
early morning, no other traffic –
the world in hibernation except for us.
Pages turned quietly in a slow read, no frantic jittery
cartoon of flipping characters, the year after colour.
Through towns only read about, where lakes enter sea
and you were talking of how your sisters
all wanted to be the first to cry ‘beach’.
We promised never to have straphanger days,
travelling in a capsule of repleting dawns.

Unstill Mosaics the Book of Love, Loss, and Longing 2019

That shirt only wore out recently; they just don’t make them like they used to.

3 thoughts on “First, 1975

    1. But on the other side of the coin, for example, I recall from childhood the one-lane-each-way highway from Geelong to Melbourne and something similar from to Geelong to Colac. These were pretty crowded, often dangerous roads.

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