Leonard Cohen and the delayed Block Print drops in

I received a letter today ‘To The Householder’ on the address
in an envelope from Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses
six stamps, from overseas, inside it was a photocopy
quoting Matthew 6: (9) (10) Jesus explaining
a bright hope for the future plus some bonus Isaiah
with a QR Code to the latest magazine my initials.org
a paperclip caught my nail in a gentle tag, Indian Ink blurred
a different original hand spidery in its detail:

“You can only draw breath in Winter, baby, the charcoal
in our making released, my thumbs now too full of pain
to hold the sacred butterfly. The way it filtered the sketch
when we tried to teach the law, the gentle tease of knowing
how seasons reproach the old, here, make of this plainsong
the unfinished things our bare knuckle youth, baby, how
living was the dying where I kissed your warm feet only
the sky our roof in Temple as all heavens tossed for worship.

(I send this on to you stranger, by way of some unwanted
correspondence hoping you receive it just in case you can appreciate
that my loss was only material, better than a bottle, all things
considered, although I have a faith in oceans, being as I am

Yours respectfully L.C.)” 

Picture from the flame : poems, notebooks, lyrics, drawings/ Leonard Cohen Farrar, Straus and Giroux New York 2018

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