Tithonus and Dawn

do not fall in love with a God
when they say forever
it is the duration of vanity only

out of my breathless ossuary
these slow seconds
turn within themselves

a tapestry made of stone

Eos asked him to make me eternal
we were to be beautiful together
a hand aside the mouth of Zeus

his incremental curse of immortality
a hover in the white noise
of this bitter tea

once to kiss the feet of stars
no longer she breaks upon me
I do not live I do not die

locked in this closet
talking a babble of dispossession
my words hear themselves

the momentary visit of light after night
occasionally to shine on my withering
where I age in shadow forever waiting

without the strength to hold a stutter of lamp

First published in Mediterranean Poetry ed: Anders Dahlgren August 2019
Unstill Mosaics The Book of Love, Loss, and Longing 2019

Winged Victory – Samothrace. The Louvre.

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