A not so recalcitrant reader returns to Pride and Prejudice, Jane I remain Yours, &c.

My dear Lizzy if I may still be so bold
after 51 years of absence from Longbourn
exactitude being a virtue amongst friends,
as it is to be precise as it is to be worthy
can I speak of that struggle so contained
by society’s rigours of want for decorum?
Be assured I delight in the fortunes
of the other Miss Bennetts outright
(thinking on a theme not so preordained),
as lapsing before your father’s library fire
Lady Catherine’s prying critiques indignant
her privilege speaks of my lucky entailment.
Fifteen years in the cast from First Impressions
two sets of heroine and hero misaligned
here the rub against class- station- honour,
appraised in reproach by gentle humour
its perspicacious truth has no slake of hold
although of this you may find slight amusement,
Darcy rising Adonis from Pemberley lake
(I wonder though did you imagine)!
such common faults in modern rumour.
Light here recedes from examination Elizabeth
I will take my leave as I must and allow
the family to reoccupy these pages of rooms,
your dauntless rummage over paddocks
has left me a little exhausted in contemplation
bested in each life’s cautionary intermission.
Words mark and weigh up our journeys
the author’s recant in search of that self
untrammelled the byways into Derbyshire.

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