Stop The War

About four hundred metres
before Brew Road
out along the Princes Highway
on a rise to your left
if you’re not going too fast
the Peace rock is still there

Remember how we hiked
into Lake Tali Karng
that black water blue all fable
the last year of school
we saw the unholy tuition
a seared hole in the half back’s thigh

Someone on the good
has touched up the paint
the circle the semaphores stand out
just like when we marched
all brightening and new
to outlive the madman’s lottery

They brought home the dead
too young to vote
in the folly of acting deputy
dark suited governments
that should have faced court
for the lies of foreign policy gluttony

I like to think that humble stone sees
the act of its counterbalance
an horizon weight that pivots
held us taut to our spirit
worth a cheer a fist in the air
as long as you drive past with care

Published in Walking Through Fences ASM&Cerberus Flying Island Books 2018

Lake Tarli Karng in the distance courtesy tripadvisor

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