To an artist’s retrospective, Jindivick

doves banter the night through
made sleepless by the south’s revival
coming in hard pushing northern dust to ground
making claim to earth again

rain brings the splotchy ozone down
the ordinance of sky restored

on the highland road puddles make nonsense
trees lift off closing roads
the detour is a waft in fog
wipers pout vain against humidity

the navigating voice is scripture
reciting for the hairpins

conversational in the suburbs of the divide
more private in the cleansed alps
the novelty of tryst by squelch
an almost whisper between hail

straight ahead at ‘Crossover’
veer left ‘Old Telegraph Road’

two dogs bulk slather against our legs
a welcome swipe of nonchalance
the world has limped in behind us
a valley rises set as ocean on the horizon

sliding doors open the reveal
jack in the box life springs out renown

to daub a leap on the giddy day

First published in Autumn House February 2020, rebadged for Autumn House Review November 2020.

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