The speed of light, suburban Voyager

and my heart is banging about
an unbalanced washing machine
on floorboards gone soft
I slow for the next few hundred
past the pre-fab house
with Babylon vegetable beds
where the pink purple magenta white
lemon red callistemons shower

a spectrum of singing bees

and I start again for another cycle
the elderly couple younger than me
argue over the asparagus bed
but I’m flying, some kids track me
bmxs rearing over gutters
we joke Usain’s lost his bolt
around the corner out of sight

panting like a dog in the sun

hands on knees sucking air
and my spacesuit rip enough propulsion
curving with the new trajectory
a lifeline hand over hand drawing in
slowing    as   re   entry   tolls   retro
eight kilometres becoming four
three    two    one    a Whiter Shade of Pale
the street wide as a new planet landing
not a thing emitting from the letter box

‘Abandoned Soliloquies’ UnCollected Press 2019

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