Kilcunda, in the Centre of October

the sun is saying summer
two mothers and toddlers
separated by exposed reef
shake a day’s experience

one is reading Faulkner
the other Austen under shade

we’re spread thin
as urchins holding on dawn
the membrane stretched
tensile elastic pegged to places

how a body still wants flight

the trestle bridge is exposed
tide out as far as it goes
the bull kelp collapsed
all rolled dragon pieces

an old surfer ties up flippers
squints into his helloes and byes
he’s had that dance with colours
where the water never lies

way out on the graphite
a fisher takes her chances

there is a lull of wave
you could be here tomorrow
like a note left in a pocket
gone through the washing

but the laughter comes in
deep down an undiscovered thing
where the lead runs smudging
writing, but I want to live forever

A version previously appeared in The Blog Project 365+One
Now in Lethe Literary and Art Journal Volume IV Fall 2019

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